Upgrades Galore

One of the most common things said in the beta test feedback received was that players wanted to be able to upgrade Cole’s apartment / computer as the story progressed. This was unknowingly something that had been planned at the beginning of development but it was unfortunately side-tabled due to time constraints. After hearing that it was something more than a couple of people wanted it was added back into the pipeline and completed shortly after the beta concluded.


Players can now earn tokens for completing objectives key for progressing the story and spend them to upgrade approximately 20 different pieces of furniture and fixtures in Cole’s apartment. Things like desks, pictures, tables, the TV, and even the wallpaper go through a series of transformations to bring the space from a sloppy bachelor pad to a well-furnished living space. The examples below are some of various initial and final forms these can take.


Much like skills gained to fight Scout, these enhancements will be earned over the course of the Cole’s story and will hopefully provide additional motivation to see the journey to the end. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out and glad to have another excuse to showcase the project’s unique and warm art style. Lots of work is going into Chained based on the feedback that everyone provided and we’re very thankful that people were so willing to share what they wanted to see added.