Beta Testing

Link to the beta signup:

Update! Signups for Chains’ beta test are now closed. We received over 100 submissions and we’re working hard to put the finishing touches in place. We’ll be selecting our beta testers soon and sending out access to the download on Sunday February 3rd.


Testing is a huge step in any project and it shouldn’t be left until the last minute. Ideally you want to be getting feedback from outside sources at multiple phases of development. Identifying a critical flaw in your design isn’t going to do you any good when you’ve built the rest of the game around these core systems that need to be fundamentally changed. You should have people play your prototype before any additional work goes into fully fleshing it out. Beta testing in particular should be done as a wider sweep when you’re close to release and feedback on finer points like the in-game tutorial, shop/upgrade prices, and other general systems that have been added into the core experience. If you’re game relies on servers to run, this is the time to make sure a wider range of players don’t have connection issues from a variety of machines/devices and locations.

For chained we’re testing the first 5 chapters of the game. It can be hard to properly assess how tough your own game is when you’ve built it from the ground up so this type of feedback is absolutely critical at this stage. Another thing we’ll be looking for is any missed bugs. When you’re building and testing, you always know what to do, where to go, and what to do. You need more people fumbling around in your game running into things you always avoid, places you don’t think to walk to, and mashing buttons in ways that were never intended.