Full Speed Ahead

Happy Autumn! A considerable amount of work has been done since the last post and I wanted to give a quick update on the status of the project to bring everyone up to speed! We’re pushing for completion in January, so there will be a lot of media and announcements before then!

Story Integration

8 out of the 9 chapters for the campaign have been programmed completely, including mapping out their respective cut scenes with text, movement, and voice over work. The project in it’s entirety is playable from the beginning through the cue-card for chapter 9. There’s only a couple art assets left to piece together and drop into place, and then it’ll be time to let the credits roll.


The core of the hacking has been in place for longer than anything else, and it’s been refined and built upon heavily over the summer months with Cole’s abilities and Scout’s attacks woven in. The next piece to get into place here is going to be really going to town on the visuals and making it pop. The effects of Cole’s skills in particular are going to be fun to build out; I really want them to feel devastating when they’ve been upgraded all the way and unleashed on the AI. I’ll be posting some GIFs soon showing and looking for some feedback from the team.

Sound and Music

I’m doing a lot of polishing with the audio right now (FL Studio), specifically Scout’s bleeps. bloops, and battle cries as he scuttles around the screen and gets in the way. A while back Berry did some work for looping the tracks which was a huge time saver. I’ve also enlisted another music artists to record additional work for some of the cut scenes.