Vocal Expressions

After completing the script for Chain's story back in April, I really wanted to give it something extra. I listen to a lot of podcasts throughout my day, so it seemed the natural next step to find voice over actors. I’d like to welcome Lucas Webley and Gina Coyle to the team of growing talent on the project! Both have impressive resumes that can be found on the ABOUT page and have been amazing to work with. Their voices are really helping this game come to life.


The process of finding , I reached out to a couple of indie voice over studios, but everyone seemed to be booked out for several projects. I easily wasted a month waiting to hear back about schedules and when Chained could be fit in, so I started looking elsewhere online and stumbled upon a Voice Over community on Reddit. It seemed active so I put together a listing and posted it. In retrospect, I should have done some things very differently; I got slammed with replies and requests for more information almost immediately. If you’re thinking about doing something similar I’d like to share some advice to make the process smoother.

1. Set clear deadlines for submissions. I didn’t expect so many people to be interested and had to awkwardly cut off submissions for Cole’s role. I ended up setting one for Melody’s since a couple of people were traveling and I was willing to wait. (Paid off!)

2. Provide a snippet of the script. I didn’t require people to read lines for the audition, but many volunteered to record pieces and I had to quickly get an excerpt and edit my original post. It was really helpful to hear them reading the actual lines and definitely helped make the decisions easier. Some sent links to their online portfolios which was also fine. (How I found Cole’s voice)

3. Be clear about what kinds of voices you are looking for. Provide a description about the characters so people know what to go for if they decide to record an audition. Even a small amount of direction can make for vastly different results.

4. Give an email address for submissions. Given the number of private messages I was receiving about all of the above, it became a nightmare to keep things organized with Reddit’s mail system. I also couldn’t receive voice files directly and ended up having to give an email address anyway.