Unknown Number

Chapter 2 is now complete.

 Fleshing out the Chain's seconds chapter was a real test in how well I had built the systems of my game so far. How easy is generating new content and plugging it in? How confusing do things get when whole environments change based on a single set of variables running in the background? Do things from the first chapter interfere in unforseen ways? Since much of Chained takes place in one constantly changing room, I didn't want to keep making the same environment over and over to match the story's needs. I wanted to create a single room and have it change as needed through as simple methods as possible. If I want to change the time of day for example, all I have to do is modify a single variable called "global.weather" and the game will load different lighting in front of windows, turn the rain on, darken the sky, turn lamps on inside, etc. It's amazingly convenient now that it's in place, even though it was definitely a labor to set up. For example, when I'm working on some dialogue between two characters and decide that it should take place late in the day instead of mid afternoon, all I have to do is change a single number and game does the rest. I would highly recommend people trying the same for their projects.