Studio Digital Caffeine is an indie development studio based in Boston Massachusetts that's committed to creating engaging games for players of all skill levels. Development on the Studio's current project "Chained" began in early 2018.

Project Lead/Programming Lead/Art Lead – Kyle Landon

Kyle comes from a background of over a decade of hobby gave development. From competing in game jams to making apps, he’s learned how to knit a team together in order to get a project to the finish line. He now aims to put that knowledge to use and branch out further into the Indie development world with Chained, a fast-paced puzzler with a unique visual style and a story of bitter revenge.

Main Music Production - Barry van Oudtshoorn

Music for Chained is written by Barry van Oudtshoorn, aka barryvan, an independent composer and producer based in Western Australia. You can hear more of his work on Soundcloud ( and his website (

Additional art Support - Franco Gonzalez

Franco is an artist who grew up with a love for videogames that inspired him to be a developer. He really enjoys creating pixel art and playing games that use it, but he’s especially fond of classics in the pixel style with detailed backgrounds, characters, and animations. You can see more of Franco’s stunning art on his Twitter page here:

Voice Acting for "Cole" - Lucas Webley

Lucas is a voice actor and narrator from Central England whose rich vocal versatility has lead to his involvement in many projects. He provides voices for characters in all forms of audio media, with an emphasis on video games. His work can be found at his website,

Voice Acting for "Melody" - Gina Coyle

Gina has a youthful, energetic voice with a personality to match. She has experience with various types of voice over work, but embodying a character and giving it life is her absolute favorite.  Follow her work on Facebook at or visit her website: